Les Trésors de Youtube

With Youtube you end up in places you never expected to be.  My Youtube odysseys have taken me to a variety of fascinating and linguistically enriching audio-visual destinations….


Les Vidéos du succès

Les Vidéos du succès are short clips in which advice is given on a wide range of subjects from how to sleep well to how to seduce a woman. The aim is to provide seven conseils, seven pieces of advice on the subject in question, in no more than seven minutes.

Whilst other people provide specialist advice on fields in which they have a particular expertise, these usually lack the coherence, considered analysis, and charm of Henri Kaufman’s efforts. Much of the advice owes something to America-style self-help manuals, but Henri gives his advice in such a genuine, intelligent and engaging way, with a real sense humour, that you can’t help but enjoy his words of wisdom.

Another element of the enjoyment of Les Videos du Succès is the rapport between Henri and the cameraman ‘PPC’. Whilst PPC’s comments can disrupt the flow and are occasionally bit a facetious (he gets a lot of critical comments on Youtube), the genuine warmth between the two is compelling.

Les Videos du Succès are particularly useful in terms of the oral section of the DALF C1 exam as each video lasts seven minutes and, although not adhering to the format of introduction, body-argumentation and conclusion, has a distinct seven-part structure.

7 Jours sur la planète

7 jours sur la planète is weekly current affairs magazine programme from TV5 Monde and its Youtube page contains a number of clips of interviews with authorities on range of issues such as gender equality, the legalisation of drugs, and climate change. Exactly the type of issues which serve as the themes for the DALF C1 exams.

The clips have two excellent qualities:

Fristly, the language and vocabulary employed is extremely useful. In their exchanges with the interviewer, the interviewees discuss and explain particular issues and respond to the arguments for and against them.  Secondly, the clips have subtitles so the phrases expressed are spelt out, enabling useful vocabulary to be noted and memorized.

C’est pas sorcier

This is French Televsion series of which a multitude of past episodes are available on Youtube. It is a really fascinating programme which examines issues of science, geography and culture in just under half an hour. The programmes can be divided into the following themes: La Terre et l’Univers; La biodiversité, l’agronomie et l’environnement; Le sport et la santé; Les technologies, la physique et la chimie; and L’histoire, la culture et la société.

It is an educational programme, and given the subject matter it can be difficult to fully grasp the explanations in French, but because it is so interesting you find yourself straining your listening comprehension muscles to understand. An excellent work-out!

Obviously, there are many other resources on Youtube that can help improve your general level of French. One I particularly like is La tribu Feminine with the amazing Myriam.

Let me know what treasures you have unearthed!

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