Una guía de estudio corta para aprobar el DALF C1

Libro políglota

Hace unos meses, después de muchas dudas y mucho estudio, ¡aprobé el DALF C1!


Nunca como estudiante de francés pensé que me atrevería a presentar este examen solo porque quería medirme en una prueba avanzada. Mis resultados no son excepcionales (72/100), pero en mi opinión sí concuerdan con mi nivel de francés.

Según el Institut Français, se necesitan más de 670 horas de estudio del francés para aprobar el DALF C1. Esta prueba (Diplôme Approndi de Langue Française) realmente no es imprescindible si planeas trabajar o mudarte a un país francófono, con un DELF B2 será más que suficiente. El C1 solo lo piden algunas universidades para maestrías o doctorados.

No soy una experta en el estudio del francés, sin embargo aprendí que estudiar (en especial por tu cuenta) para este examen puede ser agobiante pues algunos no sabemos ni por dónde empezar. En especial porque esta es…

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A textbook to prepare for DELF B2?


cover of Hachette

With the hope of saving a few pennies, I scoured the Edmonton-area public and university libraries in search of DELF preparation/teaching materials–alas, I couldn’t find anything that held much promise.   Before rushing out to spend my hard-earned money on the first book I bumped into, I thought it would be worth it to check in with a friend in France who is somewhat familiar with the publishing industry– perhaps she could recommend something?

True to her style, she responded with a ‘to-the-point’ four word message:  » Of course Hachette FLE », and included a link to the book cover you see here.

After poking around their website, I called one of their North American distributors in Montréal (Librairie MICHEL FORTIN)to place my order.

I have to be honest, when given the choice, I called the English number—I know, lame, eh? However, when the guy answered the phone in French it felt…

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Making Headway – Registering at a French University.

My Husband Drives A Lemon

language school

A couple of months ago I threw a book into the dustbin. I have never thrown a book away before, but then again I have never disliked a book enough to warrant doing so. What was the book, you might ask? Humiliating an author is not very ‘bon esprit’ but some may recognise the book  nevertheless.

Every so often I pick up a book written by an author who has started a new life abroad. Most are amusing or heart-rending or downright outrageous tales of  courage or mishap in the face of adversity. The particular tale that ended in the waste-paper basket was one in which a woman had simply given up her life abroad. Of course many have given up on a life inundated with drama and catastrophe, and there is nothing wrong with that; but the author of the book in question had given up on their dream…

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